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Member's with Credits Can Send Their Contact Details to Free Dating Profiles if They Wish to Do So with 1 Send Message Credit. This Way You Know if You Send Someone a Message and They are Unable to Purchase Credits to Reply to You They Know You are Interested and Can Contact You Directly. It is Advisable to Message Profiles Using the Purchase Credits Messaging System as Members Who Do So are Verified through the Banking System. However it is Understandable that if You Purchased Credits to Message Someone that Purely based on the Fact that they are Unable to Purchase Credits to Reply that Would Not be Fair. You are Thus Able to Send a Profile at Your Discretion Your Personal Contact Details with 1 Send Message Credit. Should they Be Interested they Can Then Contact You Directly Without Using the Click Date Platform. This Way Free Members without the Means to Use the Service can Let You Know About Them and it is Up to You as the Member with Credits if You Would Like to Take a Chance and Send them Your Personal Contact Details or Not. This is an Interesting Feature to Please Member Needs However Once Again it is Expressed to Use Caution in Using This Member Credit Privalege. If You are Unable to Purchase Credits on Click Date You Can Thus Create a Free Dating Profile to Interest Members and if They Find Your Free Dating Profile Interesting they Can Use Their Purchased Credits to Send You Their Direct Contact Details if They So Wish. Doing So is Entirely at the Discretion of the Member and Click Date Takes No Responsibility for Anything Where Members Choose to Share their Contact Details from Message: 1. It is Advisable to Use the Purchase Credits Messaging System to Get to Know Profiles and People Better Including Knowing Who You are Talking to Has Been Bank Purchase Verified. However as a Purchasing Member, You are Able to Use Your Credits on Click Date in Any Way that Suits Your Requirements Best and at Your Own Discretion, Taking Full Responsibility for Your Interactions. Members with Credits have Super Powers, However These Super Powers are Used Entirely at Your Own Risk and Discretion. You Will Not Receive a Message on Click Date Apart from Free Likes from Anyone Who Hasn't Paid to Message You. This Filter Ensures that Messages You Receive from Click Date are from People Who Have Taken the Time and Money to Invest in their Interest in You. When You Both Exchange Media Messaging Use the Video Messenger to See and Talk to Each Other, it Costs the Same to Send Photo, Video or Text. To Be Quite Honest if You Have Both Invested Say R100 to Get to Know Each Other Safely and Securely is That Not Worth it? After All Dating is a Personal Business and Click Date Would Also Prefer to Know that You Have Both Been Payment Verified and Taken Some Time to Video Message Each Other Before You Exchange Personal Contact Details. You Can Purchase 100 Credits for R179 that Only Expire in 12 Months. There is No Subscription, Service is Pay as You Go. If You Contact 20 Potential Matches You will Still be Able to Reply if They Only Come Back to You in 4 Months. Payment Verified Messaging is the Way to Go When it Comes to Meeting Someone in Real Life. You Do Not Have to Share Your Personal Contact Details Using the Click Date Platform to Evaluate Potential Matches. If Someone Gets Annoying or You Lose Interest You Can Block Them. And They Can't Contact You or Bother You. A Small Investment into Personal Security and Using Click Date Technology Can Really Save You in the Long Run and Well Worth Using the Purchase Credits to Message System. However You are Not Blocked or Forced, Sure it is Good for Us that You Keep Using the Purchase Credit Messaging System. We do Have Free Dating Sites that You Can Also Join: Honey Hoot or Fantasy Kisses. It is Not About Making Money, it Really is About You Knowing that When You Get a Message from Click Date Co Za that You Know Someone Paid to Send You the Message. Makes a Difference Right? You Can Move Off the Click Date Platform Anytime and You Can Share Contact Details from Message: 1 The Choice is Your's. To Evaluate New Relationships at an Arms Length, Easy to Block and Say Good Bye, Use the Click Date Co Za Private Media Messaging System, Purchase a Credit Voucher and Add Safety and Security to Your Online Dating Experience. Don't Share Your Personal Contact Details with Fast Movers. Take Some Time, Purchase Some Credits and Use the Click Date Co Za System to Have Fun, Safely, Online. If Someone is Really Interested in You They Won't Have Any Problem Purchasing Some Credits to Get to Know You Better Online, with Photo, Video, Voice, Audio and Text Messenger to Evaluate You as a Potential Match. Save Yourself Some Trouble Getting to Evaluate Potential Matches Online, Virtual Date, Before You Meet in Real Life. Had Enough of Someone? Block Them Using the Click Date Block User Function. It is Advised to Video Message a Number of Times Before You Meet in Real Life. Create a Free Dating Profile and Use Click Date Co Za Online Dating Platform and Technology to Find a Date Near You Today.

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Disclaimer: Click Date Online Dating South Africa is Moderated. Profiles that are Non Compliant to Site Policy are Deleted Immediately on Sight. There is No Asking or Reminding, We Delete Bad Profiles Immediately. Keep Your Behaviour Decent on Our Servers. You Can Select Provinces in South Africa or Select Your Country from the Drop Down Menu. Filter by Preferences, Search, Match, Like with Interactive, Photo, Video, Voice, Sound, Text Private Media Messenger. Click Date, Best Online Dating Site for Real Good Experiences. Click the Look Inside Icon Anytime to Look Inside. Take a Peek: Look Inside

Dating South Africa: Join the Number 1 Dating Site to Meet the Best Singles and Meet People. Best Dating. Dating SA. Find a Date, Near You Today. Dating in South Africa, on Click Date, Dating Site. 1000's of Singles Online Ready to Meet and Chat with Private Video, Photo, Voice, Text and Chat, Messenger. Private Online Introductions, Nationwide, Near You and Worldwide. Connect on Click Date, Send a Free Like and Get the Conversation Going.

Security Notice: All Systems Working 100%. Site Moderated. Profiles Non Compliant with Site Policies Deleted. Click Date Online Dating South Africa Operates with Integrity, Ethics and Transparency.